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Character contact and information for [info]rooms [Jun. 5th, 2014|02:47 pm]
Character: Pamela Isley, Poison Ivy; DC Comics
Character residence: The greenhouse @ Gotham Botanical Gardens The Egyptian nightclub.
Character employment: Eco terrorist and rogue gallery beauty queen College student at Gotham U.
Character's Door: DC.

Player name: Laura
Timezone: EST.
AIM: strangle spoken
Email: stranglespoken @ gmail . com
Best method of contact: mail.
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abilities. [Sep. 17th, 2012|05:12 am]

  • Potentially deadly kiss

  • Immunity to all poisons, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and Joker venom. Arkham Knight spoilers )

  • Pheromones that make people susceptible to mind control, although strong-minded people like Batman are usually capable of resisting. She was even once able to control Superman with the help of kryptonite.

  • She can control plants with her mind.

  • Semi-mystical connection to the plant world through a force called the Green. Basically she can talk/listen to people through plants.

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character information. [Apr. 3rd, 2012|01:11 am]
“ So his fate was sealed with a kiss. And now, so is yours. ” )
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